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GVD VMS Platform
Multi-site & Enterprise Designs (600~8,000ch)

VMS Manager & Videowall Decoder

GVD E300 works as the control unit as well as the primary input and output unit of the whole VMS platform that manages up to 8,000 channels and controls every aspect of the system. D300 works as the decoder to deliver high-quality videowalls for the platform. Each decoder supports two monitors, and each monitor can show multiple simultaneous videos. The decoder also allows a videowall to receive and show the alarms from a networked NVR

GVD CMS Platform
Multi-site & Enterprise Designs (64~600ch)

GVD CMS Manager

GVD CMS is powered by GVD HD CMS, a collection of utilities to manage your squad of NVRs. All software comes with friendly GUI to let you jump seamlessly from the localhost to a remote channel, or from this function to another. 4 modes are featured to handle each function of the system: The Display Mode, Configuration Mode, Alarm Mode and Event Mode

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